Is a professional military civilian micro, small and special electrical connectors, power meter and light source R & D, manufacturing and sales; company's products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, weapons, communications, industrial automation equipment and test equipment industry and other fields. Company products are: 1, military connectors: sintered glass connectors, high voltage connectors, interference filter connectors, special connectors and switches. 2, civil connectors: Circular connectors, high / low frequency connectors, fiber optic outdoor connector. 3, fiber jumpers, light source, optical power meter. The company's products to small size, high density, anti-environment, anti-leakage, shielding performance, easy operation, high reliability, high techn..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Xu (Mr.)
    Tel: 86-552-4074891
    Fax: 86-552-7112016
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